(In stock) PUP TARP



品牌名稱 Brand Name:YOKA

產品名稱 Product Name:(In stock) PUP TARP

價錢 Price(HKD):$2,750

尺寸 Size(cm):闊(W)501 深(D)442 

作為天幕(As a tarp): 6 people

作為帳篷(As a tent): 1-2 people

顏色 Colours:深卡奇色(Dark Kahki)

材料Materials:防刮尼龍(Ripstop Nylon)

重量 Weight:1.6kg

產品規格 Product Specification:PU防水塗層(PU Water repellent coating)/ 耐水壓 2000毫升 (Water Pressure 2000mm)

*不包括支桿和營釘 Pole and pegs are not included

品牌國 Country of Origin:日本 Japan

生產國 Manufacturing Country:中國(China)

  • 香港以外地方運費需另行報價 
  • 貨品請於尖沙咀門市自取
  • Delivery Charge would be adjusted for oversea delivering
  • Self pick up at TST store